Top Fashion Trends for Spring 2012

Top Fashion Trends for Spring 2012

As the snow melts and the sun reappears, fashion changes from layering to pretty blouses and prints. It is time to ditch your chunky knits and replace them with this season’s dresses and skirts to be the fashionista of spring. Women’s designer fashion is ever-changing and there is always a new trend on the market for you to indulge in.

Many style savvy’s have been spotted sporting head-to-toe prints; which is the greatest fashion statement of spring-summer-2012. Whether it is paisley, floral or stripes in a wide variety of bright colours – they are in right now. Clashing prints is a great way of being unique and standing out from the crowd, and what better way to do so than dressing in printed trousers and jackets whilst accessorising with printed bags and jewellery.

Believe it or not, pyjamas have made an appearance on the runway this season – and they are being worn outside of the house. Being far too stylish to keep inside of the bedroom, pyjamas are now a highlight of evening wear. From silky and elegant pyjama pants to dressing-gown jackets these make a great outfit for a fancy dinner or a night on the tiles.

Paisley is also making a comeback and has been spotted all over the high-street and the runways for the upcoming months. Whether it is a paisley skirt, jacket, dress or blouse there is something for you that is made in the Indian heritage print. You can match it, clash it and wear any colour of it and still be stylish and unique on the high-street.

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Afrocentric prints are also a huge hit; and when the sun is in the sky designers are never too far from creating an innovative way of displaying these prints across their ranges. Africa is a great influence on the fashion industry at the moment and the most popular animal print is possibly the big-cat spots. These Afrocentric prints have been seen on evening gowns, day dresses and many other forms of attire and it is a style crime to sport them this spring-summer.

Dreamy pastels have been prominent with street style and on the runway and there are many forms to consider adding to your wardrobe. Pastel blazers, trousers, blouses, skirts and more are available to buy from most women’s designer fashion shops. Do not be afraid to dress head-to-toe in pastel or simply add one piece of pastel apparel into your outfit.

Do not be afraid to stand out from the crowd this spring-summer-2012 and incorporate women’s designer fashion into your everyday outfits. If you follow these trends while it is sunny outside then you can be the next fashion connoisseur.