Alexander West – The Perfect Shirt

Alexander West – The Perfect Shirt

In fashion, there is no border designers will cross to please the needs and tastes of their clients. Well, that may be common for the common designers and trademarks, but Alexander West really takes this seriously. And by seriously, I mean, there’s nothing he won’t do to put a big smile on the customers face.

Alexander West is a Manhattan based clothier specializing in custom tailored shirts. And his shirts are true perfection. You may think all of this is just talking but pay attention on what I am going to say because it is going to change the way you think forever.

As I was saying, Alexander West’s shirts are fantastic in all aspects: price, measurements, delivery, fabrics and all those little details many of you love.

Everybody is looking for that perfect shirt, but one can rarely fin one already made to buy from a store. So, let me tell you how Alexander West manages to create that special shirt you have been waiting for.

You walk into his store and he takes your measurements. After that, he makes you try on one of the sample shirts out there to know how to adjust it perfectly to your body type. After the measurements are taken, you go on in choosing the fabric. There are thousands of types of fabric and colors from which you can pick and also Alexander can assist you in choosing the right ones, especially when it comes to colors.

You may think that all Alexander wants from you is the information about the measurement and material; but he is very attentive with details. The buttons are a key element that you must decide on and let’s not forget about the collar, the monogramming, the cuffs and other few details; many of the common tailors wouldn’t even ask you a question about these.

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The delivery takes up to two weeks; it depends on the amount of your order or other things you specifically asked for, that were not at the store and needed to be ordered.

If you receive the order and the clothes do not fit you as well as you imagined you can send them back to be modified.

Also, you don’t even have to go to the store. You can take you’re measurements at home, submit them online, Alexander makes a sample shirt for you, delivers it to you, you try that on and see if it fits; if it does you can tell him to send you samples of fabric to choose the ones you like, and if it still doesn’t fit you can send him that shirt, with a note of what it’s wrong and he’ll send it back after it’s modified and so on.

The perfect shirt? That is no longer just a dream, it is a fact. And remember, once you’ve gone Alexander West, you never go back.