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The Bargainista – Updating Your Wardrobe on a Budget

The Bargainista – Updating Your Wardrobe on a Budget

The Bargainista is a fashion bargain hunter. She loves fashion, loves to dress but cannot afford designer fashion at full price. So what does she do? She has to be financially creative and shrewd when it comes to updating her wardrobe on a budget and so she sniffs out bargains.

She lives for sales and shops at designer outlets, factory outlets, TkMaxx and searches for fashion treasures on ebay. She is not a label lover but shops from high end to low end brands on the high street as she has a keen eye for quality and fashion. The bargainista will buy full price in the luxury lines of the low brand but will wait for the sales of the high end stores to see what designer labels she can pick up at discounted prices. Plus now you can get celebrity branded fashion at high street prices, like the Kate Moss collection exclusive to Topshop, so even better for the bargainista.

The bargainista is always looking well put together. She saves money on fashionable clothing and she gets her monies worth by wearing them any and everywhere. She is not haunted by the fact that a luxury scarf cost £90 (ninety pounds) because she picked it up for £15 (fifteen pounds) at a discount outlet or sale. Her sense and appreciation of fashion allows her to think outside of the box when putting together a look. While most fashionistas and label lovers would not think about wearing anything other than designer labels, she can achieve the look of Gucci in Primark or Dolce & Gabbana in Topshop.

She keeps abreast of fashion trends and can manipulate these trends to create her own look. So other than her ability to reproduce this season’s fashion trends on a budget, a bit like Gok Wan in “Gok’s Fashion Fix”, she pre-buys for the next season by making smart investment choices in clothes and statement fashion accessories she knows will come in handy the following year or season.…